At WOOSH Care we aim to provide quality care in an environment that is safe, nurturing, stimulating and welcoming for school age children. Importance is placed on the individual child and our routines, programs and practices are continuously adapted to ensure we provide the best possible outcomes for each child. Our centre offers a varied and freely accessible indoor & outdoor environment, which encourages children to explore, build relationships, solve problems, create and construct, in both group and individual play. We recognise the importance of middle childhood and aim to provide a program that is stimulating and challenging, while also allowing opportunities for decision-making, leadership and independence.

Children are given a voice within the centre and are encouraged to make choices and have control over their learning. This includes contributing to the menu, program and routine to develop a sense of belonging. Our program encompasses both planned and spontaneous activities, with educators supporting and extending on children’s interests, while gathering knowledge about children’s wellbeing and learning as a cycle of ongoing planning and evaluation.

In addition to our educational program, WOOSH Care also provides a number of low-cost extra-curricular activities on a weekly basis. These activities are based on children interest and parent suggestions and allow many children to access experiences that may not otherwise be available to them, while supporting their learning and development.

Educators respect and value the diversity of families and communities and believe that a child’s culture and context are central to a child’s sense of being and belonging. Program decisions encourage cultural awareness and uphold all children’s rights to have their cultures, identities, abilities and strengths acknowledged and valued. Our service shares educators and volunteers with the Central Coast Multicultural Resource Centre and this further enhances our ability to support cultural awareness in early and middle childhood.

Development of life skills and education about sustainable practice are supported by our Educators through growing and maintaining gardens, waste reduction, composting, worm farm and recycling. A culture of positive lifestyle choices is promoted through the availability of physical activities, healthy menu choices and regular formal and informal discussions.

We greatly value input from families and children and information about children’s learning and development is regularly shared with families. Families are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise and contribute to the program to create a culture of acceptance where children are feel happy, safe, secure and supported. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to raising a child. Educators communicate regularly with Woodport Public School teachers, Principal and the child’s family to provide a consistent and supportive environment for the child across all areas of their learning.

At WOOSH Care we have embraced the My Time, Our Place Framework for School Age Care and use this tool to continuously guide and improve our practices, to provide high quality care for school age children. Our core team of educators work closely to guide children’s learning and participate in regular professional development to continually enhance and develop their skills and knowledge.

WOOSH Care and CHOOSH Care are regulated by the National Quality Standards for Children’s Services.  The Regulatory Authority for NSW is the NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate.

WOOSH Care is rated ‘Meeting NQS’ and was the winner of Best OOSH Service in NSW Award for 2003-2004.